Southern Comfort SUP

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Bring the SUP fitness lifestyle, values, and tradition to the community organically.

Welcome to SOuthern COmfort SUP! A stand up paddle fitness company. What we cherish is the Texas value system, things like friendship and family. SoCo SUP brings to the community a good ol' fashion down to earth approach to the fitness lifestyle. SUP is the vessel for things we believe in:  Balance, Endurance, Strength, and Tradition. The  island forefathers believed these to be the core values of (Ohana) family.So through stand up paddling and  fitness we want to organically help spread the lifestyle of  SoCo SUP.


What is SUP? SUP is an acronym for 'Stand Up Paddle'.
SUP Boarding or SUP Surfing is  is an ancient form of surfing; which is spreading to all forms of water, inner-coastal and out.
Southern Comfort SUP/ has formed to bring the awesome benefits and organic style to the Texas Hill Country and Capital area.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding provides an excellent core workout. A stable core allows for more efficient transference of power from the lower to upper body, and an increased ability to maintain correct athletic posture over long periods of time. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is not only an exciting, fun activity, it also is a great way to train your body!